8 Free 3D modeling tools for beginners!!


3D models are everywhere nowadays! Whether you want to recreate your favorite Pixar character, 3d print a custom iPhone case or taking your Minecraft castle to the next level. YOU NEED 3d models!! Here is a roster free software that will get your hands dirty! The perks of being a student is that a lot of software are free! With little bit of patience, you will be up and running in no time!! Thank me later!!


The absolute basic you need to know is there are 4 main types of modeling!

  1. Digital sculpting: By far the most expressive medium! You are provided with a virtual Playdohl! With a brush like in photoshop, You can add, subtract clay on your playdoh, shape it by pinching and pulling intuitively! Best for creating a character or animals!ds1-630x295
  2. Computer Aided Design (CAD): Don’t let the name scares you, this type of software allows you to use a combination of geometric shapes to make what you want! CAD allows you to get precision on flat faces and sharp edge with numerical parameters. It’s just like playing with your wooden building blocks! You can specify the dimensions easily for 3d printing!fusion360-example
  3. Polygonal modeling: kind of the blend of 2 methods above! You can create 3d shapes starting with a geometric shape like a cube or sphere. Then edit the points and faces that made up the cube individually, for any creative shapes you have in mind! In a way, it’s like scrap building and kit bashing Being the best of both worlds, it is very important in making Animation, VR and video games!528695585_1280x720
  4. Photogrammetry: This means the computer will do the job for you! You have to take good pictures a real-life object and feed it to the computer! Very effective for reverse engineering and Visual effects!58057-2



name publisher platform applications age link
Sculptfab sketchfab Web-based Digital sculpting 5+ https://labs.sketchfab.com/sculptfab/
One of the newest toy I found! You can start sculpting in your favorite browser! Hats off to Sketchfab, the leading online 3d community, for creating this powerful tool that is easy to start for artist of all ages!!sculptfab


Tinkercad Autodesk Web-based CAD 5+ https://www.tinkercad.com/
Again, design with the power of your browser! No installation is required to make your first toy!! From mouse clicking to basic scripting, this is great from kids who like building blocks, teen who is learning to script to adult with little time to learn a new hobby!! You can also import your .svg vector art here and bring them to 3d!maxresdefault


Sculptris Pixology PC & Mac Digital sculpting 12+ http://pixologic.com/sculptris/
A great freeware packed with a lot of power!! With features like customizable brushes, advanced view options… it is versatile for your hobby and professional use! Their website includes extraordinary examples and tutorials!sculptris


Sketchup Google PC & Mac CAD 12+ https://www.sketchup.com/download?sketchup=make
Oringinally made for architecture visualization, now it supports a wide range of applications like 3d printing, woodworking and game design!



Blender Blender.org PC & Mac Production Package 15+ https://www.blender.org/download/
Complete package that includes sculpting, polygonal modeling, rendering, animating, game engine. This all in one software is completely free, and personally my favorite in the list!! You can make a animated short with it! You can improve the software by writing new addons for it!! The possibility is endless!



Remake autodesk PC & Mac Photogrammetry 12+ https://remake.autodesk.com/about
As the name suggest, it remakes whatever you throw at it! From 20 to 200 hundred pictures, their cloud computing algorithm will create HD model with texture in about a day! Whether you wanna scan your face, or preserve an ancient artifact in the form of 3d model, this is your cheap go-to options!



Fusion 360 Autodesk PC & Mac  CAD 15+ http://www.autodesk.com/products/fusion-360/students-teachers-educators
Industrial grade CAD software with built-in capability for design, physics simulation, and manufacture. You can design your 3d printer in this thing no joke!!



Magica Voxel individual PC & Mac  polygonal modeling 12+ https://ephtracy.github.io/
Harness the power of Minecraft to the next level with Magica Voxel! Building your art brick by brick! Its fast and nostalgic! For crossy road fanart and much more!



Don’t hesitate!! Pick one of them and give it a go!! If you are not sure, Start with the web-based ones first!! I look forward to seeing your first model!! Share your model with your friends and feel free to tag me @twitte_king on twitter and Instagram!